PCSO- Monterey, CA Oct. 11-14, 2018
Jill will be speaking at the Monterey Conference Center

MOPC- Irvine, CA  Oct. 19-21, 2018

Jill will have a booth and webinar at end of conference for users

ORTHO2-Fort Worth, TX  Feb. 28-March 2, 2019

Jill will be speaking at the Worthington Renaissance Fort Worth Hotel

Cloud9-Georgia March 14-16 2019

Jill will be speaking



Up and Coming Webinars:

September 19, 2018 - Marketing Mastery -Learn how to market your practice like a pro, in the ever-changing tides of Orthodontics!

 December 5, 2018 - In Vs. Out of Network Insurance/Understanding Benefits


Previous On-Demand Webinars

June  2018 - Putting the "Pro" into your financial Protocols-Learn our tips, tricks, and expertise on the financial coordinating role within an orthodontic practice.

April  2018 -911 Observation Rescue

How are you looking at observation appointments in your office? Are they a hassle? Still in the clinic? An investment?

Not every new patient is going to convert into a start the same day, so how do you handle the patients that weren’t ready to take the leap?

October 2017-Culminating in Customer Service

Have you ever wondered what makes one business successful and another business fail?

June 2017-Firing and Hiring

Deciding to make an employee change can be challenging and stressful for many doctors, but having the wrong team member in a practice can be very expensive and costly to the team’s work environment






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Overhead: What Does it Mean to a Start-up Doctor?


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Firing and Hiring


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Software Solutions





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Defining Success As A Team


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David vs. Goliath




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