The JA&A Team

The Jill Allen & Associates Team

Jill Allen & Associates is an orthodontic consulting firm located in the heart of Golden, Colorado. Jill Allen, owner and orthodontic consultant, has a passion for working with orthodontists in all stages of their career. Whether they are looking to start-up an orthodontic practice, purchase an existing practice or just needs some modernization in a mature practice. Jill and her team work to help their clients set up the proper systems and protocols so that they can achieve and maintain strong, successful, practices for years to come.

Over the years Jill has learned that a cookie cutter approach to orthodontic practice management does not work. That is why Jill and her team customize their services for each doctor and team they work with. By taking this type of an approach Jill is able to meet each practice where they are at to identify their specific training needs and goals. 

Our goal as your consultants is to provide you and your team with the tools and guidance to not only achieve your dreams, but to have an orthodontic practice that is fundamentally strong for years to come. 

Your job is to move teeth, our job is to help you succeed!

The Jill Allen & Associates Team
The Jill Allen & Associates Team

Meet Jill

Meet JillThe owner of Jill Allen & Associates and our ortho sensei began her career in orthodontics over 27 years ago. Since then, she has had the opportunity to learn and master every position within an orthodontic office. It was with this knowledge that Jill decided to pursue her consulting dreams twelve years ago. This commitment to success comes as no surprise, however, since Jill will tell you that she always knew she wanted to be a consultant. Her passion for the industry gleams, as well as her innate desire to see orthodontists succeed. Working with many successful doctors over the years has helped Jill perfect the art of practice success and deliver the practical approach to practice management our clients count on.

A note from Jill: I am a member of Red Rocks Church, a non-denominational Christian church located in Lakewood, Colorado. A mother of two grown children and a wife of 27 years to my highschool sweetheart Doug. Over the years I have felt it was important to take the time to give back to my community on a local and a global level. I have had the opportunity to be involved in many wonderful volunteer programs and medical mission trips across the world. I especially enjoyed volunteering with my local police department where I was awarded the Presidential Volunteer Service Award in 2003 and 2006.

I find my peace in the mountains and have an adventurous spirit. When I am not in the office you will find me camping, riding motorcycles, having date day with my husband or hiking with my two fur babies Harley and Theo. Although I like to think of myself as someone who is with the times, my team may say I left my heart in the 80s with my aquanet and perm. Christmas music is my favorite music, even in July. I just muffle Jessi’s protests by turning up the volume. If you would like to tempt fate by using that phrase “I’m only human” in my presence, may the odds be ever in your favor.             

Meet Doug

Jill's Right Hand Man & Practice Liaison 

Untitled design (67)Although Doug is the most recent "official" addition to the JA&A team, he has been around from the very beginning. The one and only "high school sweetheart" as featured in the Ortho Sensei's bio above, Doug has been faithfully and diligently operating behind the scenes of the JA&A team since day one. As Jill's husband, A.K.A. Balloon Holder Numero Uno; Doug is her partner in life and crime, mentor, advisor, cheerleader, sounding board, counselor, assistant, and B.F.F. Doug recently retired from a long and lustrous career in law enforcement and joined the JA&A team on a full-time basis to help behind the scenes as the practice liaison.

A note from Doug:

When I'm off the clock, you'll be able to find me fully engaged in one of my many hobbies like motorcycle riding, hiking, working on home improvement projects, or even  playing one of my guitars. Even though I have moved on from law enforcement, I still enjoy a good crime story! Most of all, though, my all-time top of the list hobby is having a date day with Jill, where we often contemplate the world's mysteries, the joys of parenting, the luxuries of grandparenting, and yes, even the JA&A way.

Meet Jessi

Creative Director

Meet Jessi

Jessi is a wealth of wisdom when it comes to all things JA&A. She has a way with words and an ability to communicate, which helps her form lasting relationships with everyone she encounters. Although she is no longer on the consulting side of the business, you see her handy work in just about everything we do. Jessi handles the organization, updating, endless proofreading, and structuring of our internal and external content. She is also the mastermind behind our presentations, articles, and seminars. Let's just say we would be lost with her elocution and creative capabilities, swoon!

A note from Jessi:

If you were to ask my friends and family, they might tell you I am a little crunchy. I care deeply about the planet and work to facilitate that level of care in everything I do. I love to camp, hike, ride motorcycles, throw tomahawks… yes, you read that right, and take every opportunity to soak up the fresh mountain air. My husband Kyle is my world, and I would be lost without my fur babies Rado and Atlas (or Mama's Babies Puppies if you were to ask them). I am an academic at heart and am excited to be working on my MBA. There is nothing I love more than learning something new (just ask me about my most recent tour through classical dystopian literature). 

Meet Jenn

Practice Consultant  

That’s right, we have another "J" on the team!  Jenn has been in the ortho world for over 18 years and has experience in most positions jill-allen-_-associates-6within a practice.  Although she will always have  special place in her heart for the clinic, Jenn’s vast orthodontic knowledge base helps teams run expertly, without ever breaking a sweat in the heat of a busy practice schedule.  As a Jill Allen & Associates Practice Consultant, Jenn is trained in the JA&A secrets of success and will work diligently to show your practice “the light”.  She eats, breathes, and dreams about efficiency in all areas of an orthodontic office, but her compassion and kind-hearted nature will help make periods of transition with your team a breeze.

If your ever up for a challenge, Jenn is always up for a head to head wire change contest! Think you can beat her? 

A note from Jenn:

 If my team were to describe me, they would say, I am one-part country, one-part tomboy, three-parts heart, and three-parts sass! In a way, I can relate to the Grinch, but not because I am green and grumpy… I know what you were thinking! Instead of my heart being three sizes too small… my friends would tell me it is three sizes too big. My life is kind of like a romantic comedy because I married the boy next door… seriously… husband Matt was my neighbor for my entire adolescent life! We now have two young (hilarious) boys; Chance and Brody. When not at home you will find us at a rodeo, in the Colorado mountains, and always looking for ways to be in the close proximity of a superhero. 


Meet Rachel

Practice Consultant

Rachel started her career as a Communications Coordinator and throughout the years worked her way into the role of a Treatment Coordinator.  She quickly fell in love with the patients, numbers, and all things ortho!  Within a few months of working, Rachel was introduced to Jill Allen & Associates and knew she wanted to be a part of the team one day.  As the years passed in the industry Rachel patiently waited for the skill set and confidence needed to be a JA&A consultant, and when the time was right, she jumped on board. Her passionate personality and drive have found a home here among the like-minded gals of JA&A.  Rachel's coaching and compassion will help build your team's confidence and love for the orthodontic industry. She has a knack for getting people excited about things most find difficult or humdrum, and she has a unique perspective on the Jill Allen way since Jill coached her!IMG_1246-1

A note from Rachel:

If you were to try and catch me outside work, you would probably find me at the gym or chasing around one of my kids!  My number one job is being a Mama, and I love every bit of it.  We are a blended family of eight… that's right, eight kiddos! So as I am sure you can imagine, my life is always busy. The gym comes in at a close second, and I adore all things fitness.  Bodybuilding, proper nutrition, and workout clothes are my jam.  Goal setting and accountability are what make my world go round, and it is not uncommon to find me up at 4 am so that everything can fit in my day.


Meet Gina

Practice Consultant

Can you believe that Gina started her orthodontic career as an assistant back in 2007?


 That's over 15 years of dedication to our amazing industry! Gina has held nearly every position in an orthodontic practice making her a master of all things ortho. This stunning addition to the JA&A team is full of excitement and ready to help your team lean into the JA&A way. Gina is hands down the best at motivating teams through her compassionate and practical training techniques. Want to know her training secret? She was once in your shoes (not literally, of course!). Gina had the opportunity to see firsthand the power of the JA&A way. So she honed her skills until the student became the teacher... or in her case, the consultant.

When it comes to the nitty-gritty details and nailing down the processes that make a practice thrive, Gina is our ace!

A note from Gina:

When I am not at work, my husband (a.k.a. my best friend) Troy, our two children, and two beautiful grandkids are what make my world go round. Being outdoors, especially when on my horse, around my dogs, goats, or chickens, brings me a sense of peace and true fulfillment. I love camping in the Rocky Mountains or traveling to see friends in Texas. When I am not soaking up the warm Colorado sunshine, you will find me cozied up, enjoying a good book or movie. Have you ever seen Good Will Hunting or Secretariat? A few of my favs!


Our team is ready to help you hit goals! Schedule time with us to learn more about what we can do for your practice. 

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