Demographics For An Orthodontic Practice

Demographic reports compile the characteristics of the human population. This information is often used by orthodontists to conduct research into where opportunities exist within their market and in developing appropriate business and marketing strategies to target customers. A demographic report can be done by specific address or intersection, zip codes, city or county boundaries or even custom defined boundaries. Specifics of reports will vary due to the information requested by doctors.


Psychographics For An Orthodontic Practice



noun ( used with a singular verb ) the use of demographic information
to determine the attitudesand tastes of a particular segment of
a population, as in marketing studies.

Psychographic marketing reports outline the lifestyles, opinions and values of your orthodontic patient base which can be used when setting up marketing stratigies for new orthodontic practices. Jill Allen uses the Tapestry information to help you understand your patient base potential. This data can be used to integrate marketing information in your business plan and develop action plans on how you will communicate and target your patient base in your practices first years.