Starting your dream practice

Just starting out? Jill is the industry's leading orthodontic consultant for launching start-up practices.

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Pick Your Path

Looking for consulting services a la carte? We provide solutions that can be customized to your specific practice needs.

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Ascension Established Practices 8-years or less

Rise to your potential with our practical practice management techniques

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 Spot Training Piece

Together the Perfect Team


Do you need to bring a new team member up to speed? Maybe you are looking for cross training tools or to ease the burden of employee role transitions? We provide on-site and webinar training for all the core areas in a practice.

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Culmination Established Practices 8-years to retirement

Leave a lasting legacy and create a boost in productivity using our proven all-inclusive orthodontic consulting methods.

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Unsure of what you need?

Talk to Jill and let her help determine the solution that is best for you.

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