Orthodontists Need Specific Data Not Just A Basic Demographic Report . . .

Have a demographic report; don't know what it means or what is important?  Schedule a coaching session with Jill Allen to discuss the results of your report.  During this coaching session Jill will discuss the results of your report and give you her input into the likely hood of success with your location.  Jill Allen has been in the orthodontic field for the past 25 years and has real life knowlege into what demographic information is important and needed for deciding where to start up a successful orthodontic practice.

Ideal demographic reports can are done by specific address or intersection, zip codes, city or county boundaries and even sometimes custom defined boundaries.  Specifics of reports will vary due to the information requested.  If specific locations or intersections are requested we usually suggest data be compiled by a 1, 3, and 5 mile radius from the location. 

A few helpful hints to good locations:

  1. 20,000 people to 1 full time orthodontist
  2. Meadian ideal age 35-45
  3. Median ideal income $85k
  4. Retail space in or around growing areas

Demographic Consultation