Consulting Programs For New Orthodontists

Jill Allen & Associates has a passion for working with orthodontists who are looking at a start up orthodontic office or the purchase an existing one. The goal for our clients is to help them set up the proper systems and protocols needed in their first years of practice so that they can have strong and successful practices in years to come. When Jill Allen works with a doctor who has made the decision to start up practice, she helps them with everything from selecting a practice location, to helping them navigate the build-out process to implementation of solid practice management protocols. 

With most offices this includes helping the doctor sign up for insurance companies, hiring and training new employees, employee manual set up, and financial collections training and protocol implementation. Jill also provides in depth training with the doctor and their treatment coordinator to ensure correct sales techniques are in place so that they will have successful new patient exams when their practice doors open.  Finally, Jill works with her doctors to make sure correct marketing programs are in place for their first years of business.  This usually means setting up marketing campaigns for internal, external and professional referrals. 

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