Our goal at Jill Allen & Associates is to provide unsurpassed personal attention to each of our clients.

We pride ourselves on our ability to meet our clients right where they are in their business journey so as to avoid the cookie-cutter approach to practice management. It is this mindset that gives us the unique ability to customize solutions based on your specific practice needs and goals. After years of working with doctors who have struggled to implement systems and hit financial benchmarks, Jill has come up with proven systems and protocols to get your orthodontic practice on track for success.

Our orthodontic practice management systems help all core areas of your orthodontic practice. Jill and her team will help you increase case acceptance and production, create less stressful patient days, and create a more cohesive and empowering work environment.

Clabaugh Orthodontics Testimonial - Jill and her team are excellent! Besides having near prophetic capabilities, the systems and procedures they have implemented for us have been hugely helpful. After a year of consulting with them, we have a solid playbook to guide us moving forward. Go ahead and make JA&A a member of your team...it's a no-brainer!



  • Marketing and budget strategies specific to established practices
  • Coaching on scalable systems and protocols
  • Implementation of  effective doctor time schedule templates
  • Training for Hiring New Employees
  • Team training in all core practice areas
  • Financial collections Insurance training and protocol implementation
  • Treatment coordinator training and conversion coaching
  • Team building
  • Goal setting and more!

Get your practice on track to scale and hit goals.
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