The struggle to stay current can be daunting even to the most progressive among us, especially as you prepare your practice for retirement and a transition to a new owner. 

For this very reason, we have a consulting package that is specifically designed for our more seasoned doctors and practices. Whether you are looking to embrace technology by transitioning to a paperless model, or are looking to overhaul all of your outdated systems, or need help getting a newly acquired existing practice up to snuff, we are up for the challenge.

As orthodontic consultants, we understand there can be an element of complexity in a practice with experienced team members, and change can be challenging. With this in mind, we take a step-by-step approach to building your team while laying the foundation for change. We pride ourselves on our capacity to form genuine connections with your team. This hands-on approach helps not only to ease stress but also provides support along the way. You set the pace. We provide the tools. Regardless of the direction you are looking to take your practice now or in the years to come, we are here for you. 

Horner and Barrow Orthodontics Testimonial - Jill Allen and her team have done a phenomenal job for all of us at Horner Barrow Orthodontics. They have facilitated significant changes covering all aspects of our practice....



  • Marketing strategies specific to established practices
  • Modernizing and coaching on existing systems and protocols
  • Enacting effective schedule templates
  • Hiring/Firing tools
  • Training and guidance for existing team members
  • Financial collections and Insurance training and protocol implementation
  • Treatment coordinator training and conversion coaching
  • Team building
  • Transition to a new doctor
  • Goal setting and more!

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