Goal Setting For 2021- Mindset Mastery Session One

In this episode of "Coffee Talk with Jill," Jill, founder, and owner of Jill Allen & Associates will be diving into a few topics that are near and dear to her and are things she often find herself coaching  doctors on. She will be getting up close and personal with goal setting, which is why she has  lovingly dubbed this coffee talk series Mindset Mastery: Goal Setting for 2021

You have probably heard about a million different suggestions on how to set goals and plan for a successful year. But if you know me, you know I like to take a practical approach to everything I do. This is why I want to share with you all of the best ways I know how to achieve goals, starting with today's episode, The Review

First things first, you must do a complete review of your previous year and focus on measurable, practice health indicators like: 

  • Total production 
  • Total collections 
  • TC conversions 

Don't forget to analyze the unpredictable things that may have occurred, such as: 

  • How did COVID affect your practice, and what did you learn from COVID (do a SWOT) 
  • Team turnover 
  • Technological changes (virtual consults) 

And finally, review any goals that you had set at the beginning of 2020 and reflect upon them: 

  • Did you hit your goals 
    • If not, why 
    • If yes, why 
  • What measurable things influenced attaining these goals? 
  • What unpredictable things influenced these goals? 
  • Are these goals still relevant in 2021 

Be honest with yourself about your failures and successes. Don't sugar coat it, remember results are more important than your comfort zone! 

We have all made the New Years' resolution where we set a fitness goal to go to the gym every day; you've been there, right? 

We all know what happens next, we keep the goal for a few weeks, and then slowly, but surely the motivation for that goal slips away. For that reason, I think documenting your goals helps to keep us accountable and focused on them. 

I suggest recording yourself in a short video giving a synopsis of your year-end review. This video is something you can repeatedly watch to remind yourself of your analysis without time changing your perspective or forgetting details. This video serves as a physical reminder of where you were and where you are trying to go. If you are feeling a little camera-shy, you can always journal or SWOT your review instead!

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Don't forget to tune in next week for another episode of "Coffee Talk with Jill"! Jill will be
talking about the next important step in goal setting, evaluating your team in an episode titled, The Pizza Party.