The Pizza Party- Mindset Mastery Session Two

In this episode of "Coffee Talk with Jill," Jill, founder, and owner of Jill Allen & Associates will be diving into a few topics that are near and dear to her and are things she often find herself coaching  doctors on. She will be getting up close and personal with goal setting, which is why she has  lovingly dubbed this coffee talk series Mindset Mastery: Goal Setting for 2021

In today’s episode, The Pizza Party, we will be turning our attention to another critical facet of our business and goals, our team. As business owners, we can all appreciate the importance of these key players in our companies success, but when was the last time you evaluated their performance as a whole. I like to compare this to something I think we all did when we were kids in school, winning a pizza party. I know you remember this, your class would be tasked with a goal… collect this many box tops, score this high collectively on your exams, etc., and if you do this, you will win a pizza party! Ah, the excitement! 

Let’s face it; our teams are not much different now. Of course, we task them with completing their job expectations with no additional rewards, but what other incentives can we offer our hard-working counterparts that might motivate them in the way that a pizza party would motivate a 3rd-grade class? Let’s talk it through… 

When we are looking to set our goals for 2021, we cannot forget to consider what objectives and incentives we want to put in place for our teams. Whether those be bonuses, team events, or office ‘perks,’ it’s important that we evaluate what we have in place and what might need a bit of editing and updating. Remember that any additional perks for your team should be given as a result of achieving a goal as a team or individual. This could be a quarterly production goal, a 5-star review goal, or even a personal growth goal like completing a team book club. 

Keeping the team updated on their progress towards these goals and the practice goals is best communicated during team meetings, and there is no better time than at the beginning of the year to preplan these meetings and get them scheduled. 

Document the goals that you have set for your team, communicate them during your meeting and address them during every meeting after that. 

Don’t be afraid to sit down with your team as a group and as individuals to get their input on what they think yearly goals could be. This can give you great insight into your patients and office flow. 

The best way to unify your team in shared goals is to ensure that they all have a thorough understanding of your business’s values and vision. So the beginning of the year is also a great time to look at these core business statements and make sure they still fit your practice. 

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