Leveraging Virtual Consults-Coffee Talk with Jill- Part 4

In this episode of "Coffee Talk with Jill," Jill, founder, and owner of Jill Allen & Associates will discuss leveraging virtual consults and appointments for the summer and into your fall rush. 

We all know there is only so much time in your day to see patients. So when it comes to those already busy patient schedules, the question we always get asked is, "are there ways to think outside the box to see more new patients for initial exams"?

The answer is yes! Yes, you can see more new patients, but you will have to embrace some new technology. This week is all about Virtual Consults and the ways they may be able to help your practice. 

Listed below are a few highlights from Jill: 

          • Use your tools; There are many options and resources for virtual consults. Jill suggests you reach out to a few companies and schedule some demos to find the one that works best for you. 
          • Change your scripting; During the new patient phone call, ask your patients if they want to be seen in person or virtually. You might be surprised how many are open to a virtual option! 
          • Think outside the box with your template; You will need to create a schedule template that works with these new appointments. If you can, think about scheduling virtual consults on otherwise non-productive days or times.  
          • Adjust your schedule to accommodate more starts; If you are seeing more new patients, that means you should also have more starts! Although it is the best kind of problem to have, it can go south quickly if you do not have a plan.

For more tips, use the link below to watch the entire episode of Coffee Talk with Jill! 

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Don't forget to tune in next week for another episode of "Coffee Talk with Jill"! Jill will be sharing insight into the importance of your Google My Business Page and other social media marketing tips.