Team Building For Orthodontic Offices

“There is no limit to what can be accomplished if it doesn’t matter who gets the credit.”  -Ralph Waldo Emerson

There is no I in team, is an expression we have all heard. While some of us respectfully think differently, I think we all can acknowledge that there is a fundamental concept at work here that deserves recognition. When we dismiss the power of I and consider the power of we; our possibilities are limitless.

As orthodontic consultants  we look at the function of an orthodontic practice, we can easily understand how these concepts connect to our industries expectations of team unity. No orthodontic practice can run without both our front and back office teams. We need all of these roles functioning in unison in order for our patients to receive the experience they want and deserve. Like any puzzle the lack of one piece leaves us with an incomplete picture. We have to urge ourselves to see the value in each piece's connectivity. Not only for the happiness of our staff but also for the practice's growth and success.

Often we recognize that we have the right team members in the proper roles, but getting our team members to work as one unit can be a more complex concept. If you have found yourself in a similar dilemma, here are some suggestions to help bring your team closer together and ultimately grow your practice.

Communication is key: Have monthly team meetings and morning huddles that encourage our teams to talk to one another.

Shadowing: Have team members shadow one another so that the entire practice has a working knowledge of how the office flows. This can help our teams to see the domino effect that certain actions may produce.

Encourage open-minded thinking; a listen first, speak second environment: When our teams are encouraged to listen and respond they feel empowered and heard. This helps to perpetuate a less reactive response to issues or concerns.

Team building activities: Treat your team to a fun outing or contact Jill Allen & Associates to participate in one of our practice management or team building events. We love to help teams find solidarity in one another. We have many ideas we would love to share and help facilitate in your practice!

When all of our team members feel like they have a voice that is valued by not just their doctor but their peers, we foster an in-office community of social responsibility. Responsibility to the doctor, patients, and each other. By showing our teams the appreciation we feel for them they can then exude the same appreciation for our practice and patients.

Jessi Megna

Practice Operations Consultant

Jill Allen & Associates


Team Building

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