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Orthodontic Software Solutions: In-house Server or Cloud-based System?


As a orthodontic startup or even as an established practice looking to transition into a new practice management system, you have probably found yourself in the midst of a technological debate. Should I purchase a practice management software that relies on an in-house server or a cloud-based program? If you, like many others, are toggling between these two options take a few minutes to read through the following comparison.

In-house Server Based Practice Management Systems

  1. An on-site server gives you physical control over your data and can be customized to fit your practice's specific needs.
  2. Keeping critical data in-house can be a benefit but also requires your staff to back up your data daily.
  3. Servers amount to additional IT costs. Something to consider if you are on a tight budget.

Cloud-based Practice Management Systems

  1. Cloud-based systems solicit a negligible onsite investment and allow you to enjoy scalability.This may be ideal for practices with multiple locations.
  2. Being that these systems depend upon a constant internet connection, internet reliability is something worth considering if you are a practice in a more remote setting.
  3. Cloud-based systems also necessitate budgeting for monthly hosting or licensing fees.
  4. Another thing to consider if you are an established orthodontic practice looking to transition into a new software, server to cloud-based conversion can come with a price tag and is one additional element that should be weighed.

Though there might not be a definitively better system, overall, I suggest considering the following variables; your computing system, your budget, and your practice’s specific needs. My advice to you is to ultimately ensure that whatever decision you make, it's not made in the heat of the moment. Don’t get swept up in the glamour of new features and functions and forget about the long-term commitment or big picture. Consider your teams advise. Many times your team members have worked in other systems and can provide real feedback regarding the functionality of that software. Remember, if you do your homework, the practice management system you choose-whether that is a server or cloud-based- will benefit your bottom line.


Jill Allen-Orthodontic Consultant

Owner of Jill Allen & Associates

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