Key factors to successful orthodontic offices


 Sucessful Orthodontic Offices

Have you ever wondered what makes one business successful and another business within the same industry just a business? Or thought about the key factors to a successful orthodontic office?

I find these questions continue to pop up not only within the dental and orthodontic communities, but within the business community as a whole. Often I have found myself perplexed, wondering how one restaurant in my neighborhood could be thriving, so full of guests it is standing room only on any given night, yet another restaurant of the same cuisine and style would have a seating area so empty a guest you have to assume there was a problem. When I looked at orthodontic offices within my community, I found the same phenomenon held true. As I researched orthodontic practices within a few miles of each other, one would be successful and prosperous while another was barely keeping its doors open.

After studying this trend, I have come to the conclusion that there are three key factors that seem to resonate between successful orthodontic offices and successful businesses such as restaurants. The initial factor I found to be essential in successful business was amazing employees.  Success is generated through employees that genuinely care about the patients or patrons coming through the businesses doors, and continuously go above and beyond to guarantee customer satisfaction. I also noticed the subtle attention being brought to what I like to call a “signature look,” coupled with a strong branded theme that resonated throughout the practice or restaurant. Both of these factors played an important role in success but neither would work without an inviting atmosphere.  The businesses I found to be successful had an environment that was pleasing the patient or patrons. The establishment offered an experience above just orthodontic care or quality food.

I have often reflected on the orthodontic industry, and believe that orthodontic offices need to impress patients with a total package, and bring them in for an experience not just for good clinical care. We want patients talking about our offices throughout their daily lives! Each office needs to take the time to really identify their “signature look” and what they are going to do different from their competitors within their orthodontic community. Most importantly every office needs to take a good hard look at their team members and make sure that everyone has the same goals and is working to move the practice in the same direction.

I would argue that most orthodontists are good clinicians, just like most chefs are able to prepare good dinners. But when it comes down to it only a few orthodontists and their team members know how to create great patient experiences; just like only a few chefs and their wait staff know how to make a dinner into a dining experience.

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