Business Basics Session One- Defining your patient demographics

Welcome to Coffee Talk with Jill. I am Jill Allen the founder and owner of Jill Allen & Associates, the orthodontic consulting firm that specializes in start up orthodontic practices and practices that have been in business for 8 years or less.

For this series of coffee talk with Jill, I am going to be diving into The Business Basics that are often overlooked. These items truly help you to set your business and your team up for success.

Our first business basic is all about defining your patient demographic and how it effects your new patient process and marketing initiatives.

The easiest way to do this is to ask yourself a few questions:

  1. What are you selling?

  2. How are you going to sell it?

  3. Who are you selling to?

Now I know that the word selling is a bit of a pinch word in our industry, but this is something that you must embrace as a business owner.

You might think that these answers are the same for every orthodontist, but I want to challenge your thinking.

  1. What are you selling could be any of the following:
    • Invisalign

    • High-tech, Innovative treatment solutions

    • An experience (family oriented, adult focused, etc)

  1. How do you sell it could mean:

    • Local Dentist and referral based

    • School and community programs

    • Online and social media

    • (You need to find an area to focus on!)

  2. Who are you selling to is all about figuring out your target patient demographic

    • Children

    • Young Adults

    • Moms/Older Adults

If you don’t find a focus in this questions, your practice’s brand will feel sporadic and unresolved. Define your practice and create your story around those items.

Check out this weeks video below to learn more! 



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Next Thursday on Coffee talk with Jill, I will be talking about the next step in The Business Basics series, which is all about establishing your practices core values.