Business Basics Session Four- Catalyzing Statements

Welcome to Coffee Talk with Jill. I am Jill Allen the founder and owner of Jill Allen & Associates, the orthodontic consulting firm that specializes in start up orthodontic practices and practices that have been in business for 8 years or less.

Alright, we are here and ready to jump into business basic number 4!

Today we are going to talk about catalyzing statements, now if this is a new term for you, don’t panic; here is what it means:

  1. A catalyzing statement is an actionable phrase that keeps you and your team focused and moving forward.
  2. This statement should give your team a visual representation of what you are trying to achieve in your business.
  3. This statement should also resonate emotionally with your team and inspire them to action
  4. Finally, this statement should provide insight into your companies purpose.


Here are a few examples of catalyzing statements you may have already heard:

1. “I envision a world with a computer on every desktop.” –Bill Gates

2. “To make people happy.” - Disney

4. "To provide access to the world's information in one click." - Google

3. “We provide a practical approach to practice management.” - Jill Allen & Associates


Creating a catalyzing statement can feel like a daunting task, so try to account for your companies goals and values.


Here are a few tips for you to use while crafting your catalyzing statement:

1. Dream big and focus on success

2. Use the present tense

3. Infuse it with passion

4. Align it with your businesses core values and goals

This statement should seek to unify your team in their goals for your business. ‘

Often when we find that we are struggling with team unity, it is because they lack a common direction/course of action in their positions.

And don’t be afraid to edit! Sometimes we need to pivot, and that change may need to start with our catalyzing statement, especially if our goals and vision for our practice has changed.


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